Hello England

After 7 weeks in the Azores the engine was finally back together and the boat ready to head back to the UK. Unfortunately, I had run out of time and had to return to the UK so can’t do the last 1,200 miles of my loop. Oh well…… Read more

The Heart of The Boat

When I leave the Azores, I will head to Falmouth where Rustler Yachts will have my boat and do the major refit work on her for the race. The refit list is quite comprehensive. And it keeps getting longer… There is a fair amount of research to do for the… Read more

Antigua to Azores

After 4 weeks in Antigua, we were ready to go back to sea. I left there with some amazing memories and epic times, having met so many people and made some great new friends. I could quite happily have stayed there another few weeks but the sea was calling… Most… Read more

Getting ready for off the grid...

Very little update... Its nearly that time again...to go off the grid, and start the homeward leg. Its been a pretty busy time here in the Caribbean, an amazing one though!! After a week on the dock here in Antigua, my little Yanmar was back in action. Never have… Read more

Across the pond...

Already a week has passed since I arrived in Antigua. It has been pretty busy to say the least! A week before I arrived my little Yanmar said he had had enough and called it a day, completely refusing to cooperate and being rather stubborn so my arrival in Antigua… Read more