OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGoing back in time to the 60’s to race solo, around-the-world, non-stop, without any outside assistance and without the joys of GPS, in the Golden Globe Race.

Racing solo in a 36 foot boat, around the world, without any modern equipment, no luxuries, no iPhone, simply solo with a sextant.

This retro race is the celebration of what was the ‘Golden Age’ of solo sailing, when no one knew whether it was possible to be on their own for such a length of time.

A 36ft world for 300 days, totally alone, facing the elements, extreme weather and sleep deprivation, without the added comfort of modern technology, this is the Golden Globe Race.

The boats and technology, all the equipment that can be used for the race can only be what was available back in 1968. All navigating will be done traditionally, using paper charts and sextants. Navigating by the Sun, stars and planets.

With just under two and a half years before the start of this endeavour, preparations are well underway for this 30,000 nautical mile passage.

Read more about the race here.