It's a home...

After years and years of living on other peoples boats, and years of dreaming of having a boat that I call home, 3 weeks ago it became reality. For so long I have worked on boats that were not my own, from 60 plus meter superyachts to 30 foot sail training boats, and of course they never feel like home, not really. Doesnt matter how much you try to make your cabin or bunk your own, you are always aware that its someone elses. Same feeling as living in a rented house, you cant really make it yours. So when I finally moved onboard the beautiful Ariadne, it was quite an emotional moment for me. I had a home, not just any home but one that is going to take me around the world. After looking at several boats, not just Rustler 36’s I found Ariadne and it was like a movie moment of ‘love at first sight’.

In my usual fashion I took far too much stuff with me from my storage container where most of my belongings have been for the last few years. I got about unpacking and sorting all the sails and ‘bits’ that came with the boat and in no time at all it was like I had been there for years.

I haven’t started any major jobs yet, most of them will happen when she goes to the Rustler yard for her big refit. The main jobs to complete this summer are all quite small, mainly getting her ready for the Atlantic circuit this winter. Launch is October so I have a couple of months between work trips to get the jobs done.

There are so many things to remove before the start of the race in just over 2 years’ time. I know how the time will fly, 2 years is not long to get ready for a race like this, I have already had a year and so much has happened but the amount still to get done is incredible. Its a good thing I love making lists!