We are extremely saddened by the incident which took place on December 5th on board Susie Goodall’s boat DHL Starlight. The safety of Susie is of utmost importance. From the information we have available at this time we know that Susie was sailing in the Pacific Ocean, 2,000 miles west of Cape Horn in 60 knot winds when her wind vane broke. The exact height of the waves is unknown, but massive seas reported. She deployed her drogue to steady the boat, but that failed. She was in the cabin when the boat pitchpoled, sending her and the boat’s contents flying forward and knocking her unconscious for a period of time. She sustained a minor head injury and spent the following hours removing the rigging debris to prevent further boat damage. The hull of the boat is unbreached, and Susie is safe.

The Chilean authorities are coordinating a rescue effort, and have requested assistance from a ship 480 miles South West of Susie’s position. Her captain expects to take 2 days to reach the area.

Up until today, Susie was attempting to sail around the world solo as part of the Golden Globe Race.

Susie Goodall Racing would like to thank the race support team for their help during this time. The family are in regular contact with the Golden Globe Race team and have spoken to Susie since the incident. Further information will be released when available on the GGR website.