We would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone involved in the successful rescue of Susie. MRCC Chile, MRCC Falmouth, the Golden Globe Race organisers, and especially the master and crew on Tian Fu, have given it their all over the past few days.

It was with a heavy heart Susie left DHL Starlight to fend for herself, before she fills with water and rests on the Pacific Ocean floor. DHL Starlight has been her home for the past few years; a faithful friend who stood up valiantly to all the elements, a guardian until their last moments together.

Once aboard Tian Fu, Susie remarked how enormously welcome the crew made her feel. They offered lots of food and drink, and over the next week or so she’ll have plenty of time to rest en route to Argentina.

When she was younger, Susie loved doing somersaults on trampolines. We just never thought she’d do one in a boat.

— Susie’s Family