Getting ready for off the grid...

Very little update... Its nearly that time go off the grid, and start the homeward leg. Its been a pretty busy time here in the Caribbean, an amazing one though!! After a week on the dock here in Antigua, my little Yanmar was back in action. Never have… Read more

Across the pond...

Already a week has passed since I arrived in Antigua. It has been pretty busy to say the least! A week before I arrived my little Yanmar said he had had enough and called it a day, completely refusing to cooperate and being rather stubborn so my arrival in Antigua… Read more

2/3 Of The Way There!

At 5.8 knots (6.7 mph) as of 12 noon today, Susie is flying along. Literally. Heading due-west (ish – 262º), she’ll arrive in Antigua sometime in the not-too-distant future. Probably 6-7 days according to my (unqualified) navigational expertise. – Nick, the Little Bro’… Read more

Short and Sweet...

Looking at the forecast whilst in Lisbon I thought I best allow up to 2 weeks to get there. I wasn’t particularly keen on testing patience for that length of time so it was awesome that I had about 15 knots on the quarter nearly the whole way. 5… Read more

Jobs, Jobs and Custard Tarts

It's over a month since Ariadne and I arrived in Lisbon with our pages and pages of jobs to do. Most jobs onboard were straight forward, just time consuming, all but one… the job to fix the water coming in, that shouldn’t be. Coming across the Biscay in late… Read more