DHL, the world’s most international company, is proud to be partnering with Susie Goodall in the historic 2018 Golden Globe Race. As the leading express services provider, we’re bearing the major logistical responsibilities of the challenge, leaving Susie free to concentrate on her mission. Our commitments to Susie include the round-the-world shipment of the race equipment and materials, as well as providing assistance with any contingencies that may arise during the race.

For DHL, partnering with Susie was an easy decision. As a pioneering yachtswoman and the race’s youngest female competitor, Susie’s spirit is an inspiration to both DHL employees and customers. Like DHL, she has a passionate work ethic, a desire to continuously conquer new challenges, and is committed to achieving excellence in any circumstances.

As Susie undertakes her courageous global adventure, we hope she is bolstered by the thought that our 90,000 employees around the world are behind her, and wishing her a successful journey that culminates in a memorable finish in 2019.

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Seldén Masts Ltd, is delighted to be sponsoring Susie Goodall in the 2018 Golden Globe Race. Seldén Mast Ltd, part of the Seldén Group, the world’s largest spar manufacturer will be supplying a new rig for Susie’s chosen yacht, a Rustler 36, to support her in her endeavours.

Seldén’s spar making heritage, knowledge and expertise makes them an ideal partner for Susie, ensuring that she has the right mast and rigging for the challenging journey ahead.

“I can’t thank Seldén enough for their help, not just with the provision of the mast but also their advice and expertise which, at this stage of the preparation, has been invaluable”.

Seldén Managing Director Steve Norbury commented: “The Golden Globe Race really does take us back to the Golden Age of adventuring, where the experience and the challenge was the primary focus rather than winning. We are so pleased to be able to support Susie in her quest and wish her all the best with the epic voyage which lies ahead”.