Why...I'm asked!

The most common question I’m asked when people here about the race I’m doing is…why??? With a mixtured look of bewilderment and surprise on their faces, and also a bit of ‘I don’t know what to say right now’. That’s fairly commonplace. Still with the same question being posed so many times I haven’t managed to come up with a very good answer. Or at least an answer that will make sense to folk. But at the first Golden Globe press conference at the end of last year, it was different. Meeting all the other skippers, non of us asked one another…Why? It is a mutual agreement or understanding that we are all in the same boat, not literally, but all of the same or similar mindset to want to do something so bizarre and out there. A bizarre understanding between us all. But for everyone that is not interested in doing a race alone I will work a bit harder on an explanation as to why. Why on earth would anyone want to go solo around the world in a little boat and not speak to family and friends for 300 days!!??? Good question I say to myself. But the challenge, mental and physical, the isolation, the extremes of weather that will be faced, and all on your own. Every challenge whether its cooking dinner at an angle or changing the headsail in 50 knots of breeze is totally up to you. Every obstable is your decision, your choice of how you are going to get through it, no one to blame but yourself. That is all part of the appeal.