About Me

The first time I was in a boat I was three years old. My family have always sailed and I grew up sailing with them, spending all our family holidays on boats then at weekends I would race at my local sailing club, Himley Hall. I got my first boat when I was 11 – a Laser 1. And I loved it! I raced it in a fleet against other clubs in the area until at 17 I moved to the Isle of Wight to work as a sailing instructor. Reality struck me when I had to sell my beloved Laser in order to pay for some additional courses; so much love and care had gone into that boat to keep her afloat so I was so sad to have to let her go.

I then went on to teach watersports for a few years both in the UK and Australia before moving onto yacht training at about 20. My first job on a yacht was when I was 21 in Australia and from there I hopped about on a few different boats, both sail and motor, before joining Rubicon 3 as Mate. I was on there for 3 years with my final 2 as skipper which was brilliant as I prefer the sailing training and expedition work and this took me to amazing places such as Iceland, Greenland, Svalbard and the Baltic.

When I was little I heard about these people who sailed around the world on their own, for fun, and I knew I wanted to do that one day too. So when I first heard there was going to be a re-run of the Golden Globe Race, my mind was made up and I was going to be on that start line.